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Marketing Tips for Agents During a Pandemic

Written By: Ashley Sutphin
Saturday, October 24, 2020

Were many months into the coronavirus pandemic, and while its perhaps not something we expected to be still dealing with, thats the reality we have. As a real estate agent during this time, you want your marketing to be both sensitive and >

The real estate market is thriving despite the pandemic, and you want to be part of that.

How do you achieve each of these distinctive objectives?

Pivot How You Do BusinessAnd Advertise It

There are a lot of creative ways to work right now as an agent. Many of the new offerings real estate agents provide their clients are actually in line with buyer preferences, pandemic or not. For example, the use of virtual tours is becoming increasingly popular. Some buyers are doing everything digitally from start-to-finish.

Theres the social distancing contributing to these trends, but also the desire for convenience.

Think about how you can offer safe practices that allow for social distancing, and then use those to build your marketing campaigns.

With that being said, what you should never do is create marketing that makes it sound like coronavirus is a unique opportunity.nbsp; You could damage your brand by making the situation about making money when so many have gotten sick and died. Instead, focus on your understanding of the gravity of the situation and how youre willing to make the appropriate changes. It shows your potential clients that youre in the situation with them.

Be specific in how you plan to meet the changing needs of your clients, and how youll keep yourself and the community safe.

Develop Educational Videos

Many buyers are jumping into the market for the first time right now because the interest rates are low. You want to position yourself as someone who can help guide them through the process, so to facilitate that, consider developing educational videos.

Tech-savvy buyers and sellers will be able to learn from your expertise, and theyre more likely to consider you when hiring an agent.

Along with educational videos, now is just a good time, in general, to focus on your creative content because people are spending more time at home and potentially looking for information along the way.

When you create content, you position yourself as a trusted resource, and that can feel incredibly valuable to people right now.


Whether its prospects, former clients, or just people you know in the community, take time to check-in and see how everyone is holding up. Even if someone isnt ready right now to buy or sell a home, knowing that you thought about them at a difficult time will stick with them.

Consider Whether or Not Your Website and Social Media Profiles Need a Revamp

Again, people are >

Your clients are more likely than ever before to connect with you on these platforms, so make your website and profiles great.

Think about your search engine optimization and whether or not youre using the right local keywords.

What do your website and social media convey about you?

Its challenging to market in an emotionally heightened time when people are sensitive and even afraid. Your marketing has to be aware of these factors, and your focus as a real estate agent right now should be on positioning yourself as an expert and a source of information and assurance. People do want to buy homes right now. The market has shown that. They, at the same time, want safety and a real estate agent whos cognizant of the environment were in. nbsp;

Now is a great time to perhaps rethink your digital marketing too, to be in line with what modern clients not just want but expect. nbsp;

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