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How Real Estate Agents Can Build Their Email List

Written By: Ashley Sutphin
Friday, January 29, 2021

If you dont already, 2021 should be the year that as a real estate agent, you focus on building your email list.

Every agent should collect an email list and maintain it. Its one of the best marketing tools you have available. Email lists and marketing can help you stay in contact with your current clients, build new >

With that being said, if you dont have an extensive list of email addresses, it doesnt matter how good your actual marketing is within the emails you send. The more people on your email list, the more potential views and the likelihood you convert readers to clients.

Create a Pop-Up on Your Website

If you have a website, one of the easiest ways to start getting new subscribers for your email list is to create an opt-in popup.

With this, youre asking your website visitors to sign up to receive emails from you.

When youre creating the popup, keep it simple but visually appealing. Ask only for the most needed contact informationtypically name and email address. Include a call-to-action thats clear to site visitors, so they know what youre asking for. You might also want a brief sentence about what you plan to use their email for.

Use Social Media Ads

Another good way to get new email subscribers is through social media. You can use paid ads to generate leads. For example, you can create ads that link to your landing page. Once someone arrives at your landing page, you might have an opt-in form.

When youre creating different landing pages and opt-ins, make sure that your call-to-action is customized to each, based on who your audience is most likely to be.

Create an E-Book

Getting someones email address is valuable, and most discerning people are going to realize that. They might not be willing to give you their email address unless theyre going to get something in exchange for it.

There are many ways to offer value in exchange for someone opting into your emails, and one popular route is to create an e-book. The e-book doesnt have to be long. It can be a guide to anything that youre an expert on, such as finding the perfect home for a family, buying a fixer-upper, or investing in property. Think about what is most likely to resonate with your targeted audience.

Then, when they sign up for your emails, they automatically get the e-book.

This offers the added benefit of positioning you as an authority in your field.

Collect Emails at Events

As a real estate agent, one unique way you can get emails that people in other industries cant is by collecting them at events.

If you have an open house for example, have attendees leave their email addresses.

This will not just help you build out your list, but youre likely to have more quality leads if youre getting emails from people who are actively attending real estate events.

Segment Your List

Finally, once you start collecting emails, its important to segment them. This means that youre breaking it into groups based on the needs and interests of the audience and demographic factors. This is important because you want to send your subscribers only the most >

When youre just starting to build your list, your segmentation can simply be people most interested in buying and then another group for potential sellers. As your list grows, so can your segmented groups. The more tailored you can be in your messaging, the more likely it will resonate and convert.

Over time as you build it and refine it, your email list can become one of the most important assets in your real estate business.

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