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From Seed to Suite: Real Estate Agents and the Cannabis Industry

Written By: Lewis Fein
Friday, November 08, 2019

This opportunity comes during a time of rapid innovation: a time in which the face of the cannabis industry, or rather the popular impression of what the face of the industry looks like, of a stoner with his mouth open and his eyes shut, gives way to people who look and act like entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley.

Such is the real face of the cannabis industry, of the faces of men and women who want to buy or lease space for their companies, storefronts, or dispensaries. Such is the nature of an industry whose most successful brands emulate the look and feel of the worlds top brands like Apple, Facebook, Instagram, and Nike.

According to David Albanese, CEO of High Farms and WeeDeeLiver:

The cannabis industry is as much about square footage as it is acreage. The latter influences the former, since so much of the industryfrom finance and consulting to marketing and technologyhappens inside a building rather than outside a barn. As a real estate investor, I have more than a passing interest involving these issues. If anything, my pastime is a full-time commitment to further developing this industry.

I second that sentiment for two reasons, starting with the wisdom most real estate agents possess.

To have the wisdom to know a clients needs. To know how to advise a client. To know when to tell a client what he needs to hear. To know why these things matter is to be a professional.

And secondly, professionalism begets referrals.

The power of word-of-mouth marketing is invaluable, exceeding whatever value a client may enjoy in dollars and cents, because no amount of money can buy what a professional must earn: trust. The trust a client has in a real estate agent. The confidence a client has in his agent. The duty an agent has to act as his clients counselor and confidant.

These values represent the best of the real estate industry.

These values find reciprocity among business owners in the cannabis industry. The >

Safeguarding this >

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